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Texas Holdem Poker

  • Introduction
    In this video you'll learn the Poker basics.
    Come and learn the common game rules.
  • Texas Hold'Em
    What are community cards and pocket cards?
    In this video you'll learn the characteristics of Texas hold'em.
  • Call
    Tutorial about the rules to call, small blind, Big Blind and how the call is performed.
  • Raise
    What happens when you choose to raise and when can you perform it?
  • Fold
    You don't want to play all hands, sometimes you'll fold.
    What happens when you fold and what is the Muck?
  • Bluff
    Bluff and Semi Bluff is the twist that makes Poker a fun game.
    The Bluff explanation and objectives will be covered in this video.
  • How to conduct your hand
    When having a good hand a bluffing player may bet aggressively while cautious player shouldn't scare the other players.
  • How to play a medium hand
    Should you bet, check or fold?
    In this tutorial you'll learn thumb rules for playing a medium hand.
  • What to expect from a bet?
    In this poker video you'll learn how your betting action affects other players.
  • Beginner Poker Player
    Basic strategy: On which side of a beginner player should you sit?
    How can you benefit from a beginner player mistakes?