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Speed Poker

Win more pots in a shorter amount of time!

Speed Hold'em is the newest poker game available at Winner Poker. It's the fastest poker you'll ever experience. In this innovative game, you'll never wait for a new hand to be dealt.

Once you join a Speed Hold'em game you enter a big pool of players. The instant you fold your hand you're automatically dealt into a new hand at a new table, with new players.

How does Speed Hold'em work?

Locate Speed Hold'em cash games in the software under the "Speed Poker" tab.

Select your game type and stakes preference.

When you sit down at a table you will usually be dealt into the Big Blind position as the Big Blind is assigned to the player who has gone the longest without posting the blinds.

If you are not in the blinds or have not committed any money to the pot then you will have the option to "Speed Fold". This option allows you to fold your hand at any given time, even while other players are still acting before you. Once you hit the "Speed Fold" button you will automatically be dealt into a new hand on a new table.

The large player pool allows you to face a different table of opponents every hand you play.

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