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Re Entry Tournaments

Re-Entry tournaments

Re-Entry Tournaments allow players to re-register for tournaments that they were initially in. Although eliminated, they can buy back in as long as registration is still open. This provides players another shot at winning the tournament. Because of the increased number of buy-in's, the prize pool are expected to increase too because more players will be buying in again and again.

The new re-entry attribute icon  is displayed in the lobby, chat section of the table and icons legend of the Poker client. The Properties text in the right side panel is "Re-Entry". Also in the right side panel a new field Max re-entries is added and displays the max re-entries per player.

The same information is shown in the Details tab of the tournament lobby as Max re-entries per player.

The RET tournaments will be available from October 7th 2013, on selected tournaments and on the €10 + €1 Daily Freeze out tournament at 18.30.

Good luck in our Re-Entry tournaments!

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