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Multi Entry Tournaments

Multiple-Entry tournaments


MET is a type of tournament that allows players to register and play with multiple entries simultaneously in both scheduled and Sit'n'Go tournaments.

With this great feature, players can sit at different tables in the same tournament, thus increasing their chances. Players can register to a tournament several times and players can either choose to play simultaneously or use the extra entries as a 2nd or 3rd chance if they are knocked out early.

Each entry will come with its own chip stack and its own hand. Multiple entries will always be distributed at different tables, and if more entries are purchased than tables available, then two entries will be merged into one

The new multi-entry attribute icon is displayed in the lobby, chat section of the table and icons legend of the Poker client. The Properties text in the right side panel is "Multi-Entry". Also in the right side panel a new field Max entrants is added and displays the max multi-entries per player.

The same information is shown in the Details tab of the tournament lobby as Max entrants per player.

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