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Multicurrency Options


Winner Poker's standard currency is EURO €, though a variety of additional currencies are also available. When registering for a Real Money account, simply choose from US $, GB £, or Euro €. AUD, SEK , NOK and ZAR currencies are now acceptable. Chip purchases and withdrawals will be configured in your chosen currency. Winner Poker does not charge added exchange rate fees.

Once you have chosen the ring game or tournament you wish to participate in, the amount of money you have deposited will be converted into EURO € at the exchange rate of that day. When cashing out of a ring game or collecting winnings from a tournament, the amount collected is converted back into the currency of your account at the same rate at which the buy-in was made, even if the buy-in was made on a different day.

Current Balance

Your current balance can be found in the lower left hand corner of the lobby and is displayed in the currency of your account. If you hover over the amount, a box will appear notifying you that you currently use a different currency than is standard for the poker room. Once you join a Real Money table the currency will automatically be changed to EURO €, the standard poker room currency. Further information can be found at the link provided on current balance page.

Joining a Ring Game

Ring games are played in various currencies. In order to make Winner Poker more accessible to all players, we provide the option to convert your balance into the currency of the specific ring game. When you proceed to make a chip buy-in, a dialog box will be displayed showing the converted currency amounts of your initial chip purchase.

Exiting a Ring Game

When a player decides to exit a ring game, chips are converted back into your chosen currency at the same exchange rate as when purchased, then deposited back into your account.

Registering for a Tournament

When a player chooses to purchase a buy-in for a tournament, a box will appear with both the standard poker room currency (EURO €) and your chosen currency. This will allow you to view the full amount of the buy-in. At any point that you choose to re-buy or purchase an add-on, Winner Poker will provide the current exchange rate and full details of the transaction.

Winning a Tournament

If a player wins a tournament, the winning amount will be displayed in both the standard poker room currency (EURO €) and your chosen currency.